Policies A - Z

Access to all Council's policies in alphabetical order can be located below. You may choose to either read these online or download the PDF versions. The size of the document is in brackets next to each link i.e. [PDF 51KB].
Should you have any difficulty locating the form that you require, please contact Council
Acceptable Requests Guidelines - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF281KB]
Access to Computers, Internet and WiFi in Council Libraries [PDF 204KB]
Administrative Action Complaints Management Policy - Adopted 11 July 2018 [PDF 94KB]
Advertising Policy - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 150KB]
Arts & Culture Policy - Adopted 13 June 2018
Asset Accounting  [PDF 298 KB]
Asset Management [PDF 203KB]
Audit and Risk Committee Charter - Adopted 27 September 2017 [PDF 400KB]
Audit and Risk Committee Policy - Adopted 27 September 2017 [PDF 138KB]
Borrowing Policy 2018/19 - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 330KB]
Briefing Session Policy [PDF 137KB] 
Busking Policy - Adopted 25 July 2018 [PDF 210KB]
Caretaker Period Policy [PDF 196KB] 
Cemeteries Policy  - Adopted 13 June 2017 [PDF 230KB]
Child Protection Risk Management Policy - Adopted 13 June 2018 [PDF 228KB]
Climate Change Adaption Policy [PDF 97KB]
Climate Change Adaption Strategy [PDF 634KB]
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 183KB]
Coconut Tree Management Policy [PDF 135KB]
Community Engagement Policy - Adopted 28 March 2018 (PDF 279)
Community Grants Policy - Adopted 13 June 2018 [PDF 203.77KB]
Complaints about the Public Official - Adopted 28 March 2018 [PDF 277KB]
Concession for Concealed Water Leakage  - Adopted 11 June 2018  [PDF 199KB]
Confidentiality Policy for Councillors - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 67KB]
Contributed Assets [PDF 396KB]
Council Advisory Committee [PDF145KB]
Councillor Code of Conduct - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 140KB]
Councillor Contact with Developers, Consultants, Lobbyists and Submitters Policy - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 139KB]

Delegated Authority-Waiving of Rates and Charges Generally [PDF 181KB]
Discount on Rates when Special Circumstances apply [PDF 135KB]
Donations on Rates & Services Charges for Not-for-profit Organisations - Adopted 11 July 2018 [PDF 66KB]
Donations  on Rates & Services for Affordable Housing Organisations Policy - Adopted 11 July 2018 [PDF 49KB]
Economic Development Incentives Policy [PDF 59 KB]
Elite Performance - Financial Assistance Policy [PDF 174 KB]
Enterprise Risk Management Framework - Adopted 31 January 2018 [PDF 462KB]
Enterprise Risk Management Policy [PDF 179KB]
Entertainment and Hospitality Policy - Adopted 11 July 2018  [PDF 168KB]
Equity and Access Policy [PDF 205KB]
Fraud and Corruption Control - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 54KB]
Financial Delegations [PDF 203KB]
Financial Support for a Junior Elite Athlete - Adopted 11 July 2018 [PDF 180 KB] 
Flying Fox Statement of Management Intent Policy - Adopted 28 February 2018
Footpath & Nature Strip Maintenance Policy [PDF 210KB]
General Debtors Policy - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 118KB]
Gifts and Benefits Policy - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 281KB]
Incoming Grant Funding Application Policy - Adopted 11 July 2018 (PDF 227KB)
Interest Free Loans to Not for profit Sporting and Community Groups Policy - Adopted 28 March 2018 [PDF 270KB]
Identification of Owner Occupier Status Policy - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 383KB]
Interest on Overdue Rates - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 484KB]
Interest on Trust Funds [PDF 124KB]
Investment Policy 2018/19 - Adopted 11 June 2018  [PDF 330KB]
Liability Claims Policy [PDF 511KB]
Library Patrons Conditions of Entry Policy - Adopted 9 August 2017 [PDF 206KB}
Limiting Increases to General Rates Policy - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 215 KB] 
Low Pressure Sewerage Reticulation - Adopted 22 November 2017 [PDF 178KB]
Media Relations Policy - Adopted 24 April 2018 [PDF 33KB]
Memorials in Council Parks, Gardens, Open Spaces and Road Reserves Policy [PDF 155KB]
Motor Vehicle Use Policy [PDF 574KB]
Notice to Purchasers of Land in Rural and Rural Residential Areas [PDF 134KB]
Paying Rates by Arrangement Policy - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 455KB]
Payment Approval Policy  [PDF 47KB] 
Pensioner Rate Subsidy Policy  - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 475KB]
Private Email and Social Media Platforms - Adopted 28 March 2018
Procurement Policy  -  Adopted 13 December 2017[PDF 71KB]
Property Access Policy [PDF 135KB]
Protection of Local Heritage Places Policy [PDF 661KB]
Public Interest Disclosure Policy - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 137KB] 
Rates Assistance for Eligible Pensioners - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 391KB]
Rating Concession - Granny Flats- Adopted 11 June 2018  [PDF 435KB]
Rates & Charges Recovery Policy - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 430 KB]
Rates Relief due to Hardship Policy-  Adopted 11 June 2018
Recruitment Policy [PDF 47KB]
Regional Domestic Water Services Policy [PDF 958KB]
Reimbursement of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for Councillors - Adopted 28 February 2018 [PDF 600KB] 
Related Party Disclosure Policy - Adopted 28 February 2018 PDF 578KB]
Revenue Policy 2018/19- Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 353KB]
Revenue Statement 2018/19 - Adopted 11 June 2018 [PDF 572KB]
Road Register Policy [PDF 495KB]
Rural Slashing Policy [PDF 94.5KB]
Social Media Policy - Adopted 24 April 2018 [PDF 790KB]
Sponsorship Policy - Adopted 9 August 2017 [PDF 208KB]
Standing Orders Council Meeting Policy [PDF 67 KB]
Sub Metering policy [PDF 175KB]
Sub Metering policy - supporting Technical Guidelines [PDF 351 KB]
Supplementary Utility Charges [PDF 387KB]
Trade Waste Policy - Adopted 13 June 2017 [PDF 300KB]
Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan [PDF 350KB]
Utility Charges [PDF 129KB]
Vehicle and Plant GPS tracking [PDF 60KB]
Waiving, Reducing or Refunding Development Fees and Charges [PDF 83 KB]
Water Charges to Properties within a Community Title - Adopted 11 June 2018  [PDF 378 KB]
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