Making an application for Right to Information

Administrative Action Review
An Administrative Action Review should be considered before applying through the Right to Information Act. You can find information regarding this process by reading the information in the policy in the Quick Links section to the right.
Payment of RTI fee must be paid at time of application, processing and access charges may also apply. Fees and charges are determined under legislation by the Office of the Information Commissioner.
All RTI applications should provide sufficient information to allow the identification of the documents you are seeking.
Provide an address for notices of the Act to be sent to the applicant.
Applications can be lodged in person at the Customer Service Centres or by post addressed to:

Right to Information Review Officer
Whitsunday Regional Council
PO Box 104

Limitations on Access
There may be access limitations to information held by Council, for example that involve operational and investigation documents. This does not mean that an application to access such information cannot be made. To obtain access to documents relating to a particular investigation, the documents must consist of information about the applicant and the investigation must be finalised. It is possible that parties not involved in an investigation may not be able to access investigation files. This is about making applicants aware that there are exemption provisions that may apply to applications for access to information held by Council.

What is a 'Document' Under RTI and IP?
For the purposes of RTI and IP, the term "document" includes files, computer printouts, maps, plans, photographs, tape recordings, films or videotapes and other means of storing information, no matter how old or recent.

Can I See All Documents?
Some documents are exempt under these Acts to protect essential public interests or the personal or business information of others. Sometimes part of a document may not be available if it contains information which is exempt (e.g. name and address of complainant/s).

If you are refused access to a document or given partial access only, Council must give you written reasons for the decision. Council must also tell you of your rights of appeal.

What are 'Personal Information' Documents?
Personal information documents include information on any matter of personal or private concern to an individual such as medical records, family or domestic relationships, income, assets and financial records.

When you want to see documents containing information about your own personal information, you will have to show proof of identity.

How Much Will it Cost?
There is no application fee to look at documents about your personal information. You can also ask for a free copy of these documents (available via CD or email only). If you require a hard copy of your personal information documents, there will be additional photocopying charges. Charges are determined under legislation by the Office of the Information Commissioner.
However, there is a fee for non-personal applications, (go to RTI Queensland Government website for current fees) and other charges for making photocopies, plus special rates for other means of information storage (e.g. video). If the time taken to process your application exceeds five hours, there may be additional charges. Charges are determined under legislation by the Office of the Information Commissioner.
How do I make a RTI or IP Request?
Before making an application contact Council on 4945 0200 to discuss the information you'd like to access. You can then make an informed decision about whether you will receive the information and if it is worth paying the application fee (if applicable).

The RTI and IP Acts requires that your application be made in writing. You may use an official application form which is available at RTI Queensland Government website.

Please remember complainant details (name, address, etc.) are generally not released.
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