Burial and Plaque Information

Personalised service and care always is a commitment given by Bowen, Collinsville and Proserpine Cemeteries. At a time when both professionalism and sensitivity is needed, it is reassuring to know that you can rely on our services.

 Plaques and Memorials

The Whitsunday Regional Council has a comprehensive display of plaques for viewing. Our staff are trained to assist and guide you with your selection. Whitsunday Regional Council will also arrange for the installation of the product of your choice. As a guide, 8 weeks should be allowed for the manufacture and placement of a plaque on a grave. Cemetery Plaque
The care and maintenance of plaques, memorials and monuments is the responsibility of the family or representative of the deceased. However, you are encouraged to talk to the professional staff at Whitsunday Regional Council about cleaning, painting and restoration.

Plaques can be ordered at the convenience of the family and no waiting time is needed before ordering a plaque. Brochures and information guides are available from Customer Services in relation to plaque colours, pictures, wording etc.

 Erections of Memorials in the Old Cemetery

An application for a licence authorising the installation of a memorial in a local government cemetery must be lodged with Council. Correspondence must-

  • Identify the burial site in which the memorial is to be erected;
  • State the nature and dimensions of the proposed memorial. and
  • Person commissioned to carry out the installation
 Erections of Plaques in the Lawn Cemetery

Application forms to order a Plaque for the Lawn Cemetery are available from Councils Customer Service Centre. Council's Lawn Cemetery caters for bronze plaques 280mm X 380mm and can include a variety of colours, pictures and wording of your choice. Talk to Councils Customer Service Staff in relation to vases suitable for our lawn cemetery. Council keeps vases in stock for purchase.

Maintenance and repair of memorials

A member of the family of the deceased person, or another person who has a proper interest in the maintenance of a memorial of the deceased person, may with the approval of the cemetery authority carry out maintenance or repair work on a memorial.

The cemetery authority may give directions about how maintenance work or repair work is to be carried out.

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