JPs in the Community

The JPs in the Community Program is available at the Cannonvale Library, Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale on the following days:

Tuesday from 11:30am – 1:30pm

Thursdays from 1:30pm – 3:30pm

This site's volunteers are supported by the Justices of the Peace Branch, the Department of Justice and Attorney -General and Whitsunday Regional Council.

About JPs in the Community Program

The JPs in the Community Program (Program) has been established in our community for over 10 years. We currently support our team of volunteers in more than 200 community sites located in shopping centres, courthouses, hospitals, libraries and other community locations across Queensland.  


  • To increase the number of Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations who provide a general witnessing services to the Queensland Community in the Program to 5,000 volunteers offering 200,000 hours by 2020.


  • To increase the number of volunteer JPs and C.decs operating within the guidelines of the Program by providing access to professional development, mentoring and resources to ensure a high standard of professional service to the Queensland community.
  • To identify the need to expand the Program signing sites where demand for the service is requested.
  • To develop and expand the Program by being open and responsive to volunteer needs and make changes where required.



  • To provide a timely and accurate, non-judgemental service to the community
  • To improve access to the services provided by JPs and C.decs within local communities
  • To liaise with other information agencies, both government and non-government, to provide professional development opportunities to all JPs and C.decs
  • To co-ordinate the collection of information to better understand to the training needs and resources required at signing sites
  • To have an understanding of the diversity of the roles of JPs and C.decs
  • To research, identify and respond to community needs through the potential to open new sites serviced by competent JPs and C.decs
  • To foster a supportive team of volunteer JPs and C.decs with like-minded goals and values
  • To maintain and strengthen existing relationships with current stakeholders while sourcing and growing new partnerships with a variety of stakeholders
  1. P  1300 WRC QLD (1300 972 753)

    67 Herbert Street, Bowen
    Shop 23 Whitsunday Plaza, Cannonvale
    Cnr. Stanley and Conway Streets, Collinsville
    52 Main Street, Proserpine
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